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Undiknas Through National Visit Company Activities Invites Students To Know More About The World Of Business And Industry

Surabaya – The National Education University (Undiknas) through the Student Affairs and Alumni Division together with the Undinas Cooperation and Entrepreneurship Unit July 2022 carried out the National Company Visit Volume 1 for the 2022 period to Java Island. The company visit was attended by the ranks of students in Undiknas, with a total of 100 participants. Participants who took part in the company visit were students from the Faculty of Economics and Business, the Faculty of Law, and the Faculty of Political Science and Humanities. (25/6/2022)

Figure 1. Company visit participants visit Airlangga University

Also participating in assisting students in company visit activities, Mr. Dr. I Made Wirya Darma, S.H., M.H., CCD. as Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Alumni Undiknas, Mr. Agus Fredy Maradona, S.E., Ak., M.S.A., Ph.D. as Vice Chancellor for Cooperation and Entrepreneurship Undiknas, Mrs. Ni Gusti Agung Ayu Mas Tri Wulandari, S.H., M.H. as Secretary to the Deputy Chancellor for Student Affairs and Alumni and as Chair of the Committee for the Company visit, Mr. I Made Chandra Mandira, S.E., M.Han. as the Head of the Personnel Division in charge of Employees, Mr. Dr. I Made Suidarma, S.E., M.M. as Deputy Dean 1 for Academic Affairs, Faculty of Economics and Business Undiknas, Mrs. Desak Made Febri Purnama Sari, S.E., M.M. as Deputy Dean 3 for Student Affairs, Faculty of Economics and Business Undiknas, Mrs. Ni Putu Bayu Widhi Antari, S.I.A., M.P.A as Head of the State Administration Science Study Program, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities Undiknas.

The series of company visits lasted for two days, on the first day the participants had the opportunity to visit the Leather Handicraft Center in Sidoarjo, East Java, and visit Airlangga University (UNAIR) located in Surabaya City, East Java. During a visit to Unair, the participants gained new insights regarding the Digitalization Campus UNAIR ONE DATA. Through the Focus Group, Discussion held at Unair, participants can find out about things related to Digitalization Campus which is a combination of academic and non-academic systems or applications that are integrated into one database and optimization of cyber systems in the campus environment.

Figure 2. Company visit participants’ visit to Universitas Brawijaya

On the second day of the company visit, participants left for Brawijaya University in Malang City, East Java. During the visit session, the participants participated in a Focus Group Discussion which presented material on how Universitas Brawijaya implements information systems to support campus activities in this digital era. The participants of the company visit also visited the Angkut Museum in Batu City, East Java to see how the world of transportation has developed from time to time.

Through the National Company Visit Volume 1 for the 2022 period, it is hoped that participants can gain new insights regarding how a business and industry work in producing products or services, by introducing students to the world of business and industry, it is hoped that they can provide new ideas for students in developing their abilities so that they can become professionals or business pioneers that produce highly competitive products in the market.