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Undiknas Holds An Audience With The Mayor Of Denpasar To Open The Faculty Of Medicine

Denpasar – The National Education University (Undiknas) held an audience with the Mayor of Denpasar in the context of initiating an exploration of cooperation with the Wangaya Regional General Hospital (RSUD) Denpasar City. The initiation of this collaboration was carried out in order to expand the cooperation network of teaching hospitals that would be targeted to fulfill the requirements for the opening of the Faculty of Medicine and the Undiknas Medical Study Program (Prodi). The hearing took place at the Denpasar Mayor’s Office, on Friday afternoon (19/08/2022).

Figure 1. Undiknas Rector with his staff in an audience with the Mayor of Denpasar

On this auspicious occasion, the Rector of Undiknas, Prof. Dr. Ir. Nyoman Sri Subawa, S.T., S.Sos., M.M., IPM., accompanied by the Vice-Rector for Academic Development, Vice-Rector for Human Resources and Finance, Vice-Rector for Student Affairs and Alumni, and the rectorate team who is also the task force team for the formation of Study Programs Undiknas Medicine. The Undiknas delegation was received very kindly by the Mayor of Denpasar, I.G.N. Jaya Negara, S.E., who in fact is also the Undiknas extended family (read: alumni).

The Mayor of Denpasar gives his full support to the efforts that Undiknas will take to realize his big dream, having a General Medicine Study Program. He also said that the target market for General Medicine Study Program is quite a lot and in Bali, there are not many universities that hold General Medicine Study programs. This will be a good opportunity for Undiknas, especially in the readiness of Undiknas’ infrastructure and the credibility of Undiknas in the eyes of the public.

Figure 2. Photo session with the Rector of Undiknas and his staff with the Mayor of Denpasar

Undiknas Rector, Prof. Shribawa and his team thank you for the response given by the Mayor of Denpasar and the team who attended. Undiknas will immediately contact the Wangaya Hospital to discuss further related to the preparation of the MoU and PKS as the legality of the continuation of the cooperation that will be carried out in the context of the Undiknas Medical Study Program. The audience activity was closed with a photo session with all present in the Living Room of the Denpasar Mayor’s Office.