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The Rector of Undiknas Together With The Vice-Rectors Holds An Audience With The Regent of Tabanan As An Initial Research In Opening The Faculty of Medicine Undiknas

Tabanan – To fulfill a series of requirements in the establishment of the Medical Study Program of the Faculty of Medicine. The National Education University (Undiknas) held an audience with the Regent of Tabanan, Dr. I Komang Gede Sanjaya, S.E., M.M. Accompanied by the Vice Rectors, Prof. Dr. Ir. Nyoman Sri Subawa, S.T., S.Sos., M.M., IPM. as the Rector of Undiknas held an audience with the Tabanan Regent at the Tabanan Regent’s Office on Thursday, August 18, 2022 yesterday. Also present in the series of hearings of the Assistant Regent and the relevant Regional Secretary (Sekda) in Tabanan Regency as well as the Director of the Tabanan Regional General Hospital (RSUD). (18/8/2022)

The Undiknas Rector’s hearing with the Tabanan Regent is related to the initiation of the Faculty of Medicine and the General Medicine Study Program at Undiknas. Professor Sri Subawa said that to apply for a permit to open a General Medicine Study Program, the Faculty of Medicine requires several requirements that must be met. one of which the University must cooperate with a Hospital with certain standards as the Main Teaching Hospital.

Figure 1. The Rector of Undiknas Professor Sri Subawa with the Vice-Rector for Human Resource and Finance and the Vice Rector of Academic Development in an audience with the Regent of Tabanan

The Regent of Tabanan welcomed the plan that had been submitted by the Rector of Undiknas, Professor Sri Subawa. The Regent of Tabanan also conveyed that his party certainly supports the plans that can provide progress to the region.

“Of course, we appreciate this, hopefully, this can be a positive step in advancing the quality of education and health in Undiknas as an educational institution and also Tabanan Regency as an area that becomes a place to study and practice young doctors in the future,” said Regent of Tabanan in hearing activities.

Figure 2. The ranks of Assistants and the Regional Secretary of the Tabanan Regent who were present at the Undiknas hearing with the Tabanan Regent

In response to this, the Rector of Undiknas, Professor Sri Subawa, and the ranks of the vice-rector who were present expressed their gratitude for the positive response that had been given. His party said that with this positive response Undiknas and the team involved in preparing the proposal for the opening of the Medical Study Program were committed to immediately completing the required requirements. The hearing activity ended with a photo session with all staff who attended the hearing at the Tabanan Regent’s office.