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Undiknas Quickly Overcomes Parking Problems Due To Offline Learning

Denpasar – After more than a week, campus activities were disabled to take part in joint leave and the Eid al-Fitr 1443 Hijriyah holiday, May 9, 2022, then became the first day of re-implementing campus operational activities. Not only that, but face-to-face learning activities have also begun to be applied to all study programs within the National Education University (Undiknas). After more than two years, Undiknas only held online learning activities, when an offline learning system was implemented, it turned out that the need for facilities and infrastructure was important to be concerned.

This can be seen from the classrooms that are always full of successive lecture schedules, the classroom aisles that start to get bustling with student laughter, and the parking facilities that are increasingly crowded with thousands of academics attending every day. Parking facilities are the main highlight of the crowds that occur at Undiknas, students who do not get parking in the campus area often have to park their vehicles around the park in front of the campus area. This condition shows the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of students in participating in offline lectures as well as treating their longing for their beloved Undiknas.

Figure 1. The queue of vehicles that will enter the Undiknas campus area.

The congestion that occurred around the campus area as well as on the street in front of the campus caused an unusual sight, on the first day of face-to-face lectures. It was observed that since the morning the campus atmosphere was very busy filled with student vehicles who wanted to take part in learning activities on campus. Not many student organizations have also started holding their work programs on campus so student activities also contribute to the congestion that occurs. The happy laughter of the students was clearly seen in every joke they presented. Undiknas is also grateful that they have not lost their lectures full of stories.

Figure 2. The situation of the Undiknas parking area is filled with student vehicles.

The large number of academics who bring four-wheeled vehicles also makes the Undiknas parking area congested. The Undiknas security unit team swiftly moved to immediately address this problem by implementing a valley parking system for four-wheeled student vehicles so that they could efficiently utilize the existing parking area. Two-wheeled vehicles are neatly arranged to facilitate the flow of vehicles in and out so that the density of vehicle flows can be resolved.

Hopefully, by starting the implementation of offline learning activities, it can be the beginning of the normalization of campus activities, which some time ago had stalled due to the impact of the pandemic that swept across the country.