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Bjorka Hacker Attacks Remind Us Of The Importance Of Keeping Private Data Secure

The security of personal data is now in the spotlight in the community, it is getting stronger since the news about the hacking case that had gone viral on Twitter media. The hack claimed to have been carried out by an account named Bernama Bjorka is alleged to have hacked and stolen data from the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo. From the latest news, the President has formed a special unit team consisting of Kominfo, BSSN, Polri, and BIN to prevent similar actions from happening. This was conveyed by the Minister of Communication and Information Johnny G. Plate at the State Palace. (15/9/2022)

“There needs to be an emergency response team related to maintaining data, good data management in Indonesia, and to maintain public trust,” said Johnny, as reported by CNN Indonesia.

Figure 1. Illustration of programming language in a system

Data security does need special attention at this time, not only government and private agencies. Personal data security must also receive special attention, considering that currently everything has been integrated through digital data. Cases of leakage of personal data can be dangerous thing if the data is accessed by irresponsible parties. Representatives of the Institute for Information System Development (INTENS) National Education University Kadek Darmaastawan, S.Kom., M.T explained, the hacker phenomenon that is happening a lot now is caused by a security hole in a system caused by lack of system maintenance, causing “bugs” in the system. the system

“Data leaks are usually caused by security holes in the system, so the system can be infiltrated by irresponsible people outside the system. From the software side, security gaps can be caused by several more factors, for example writing program code that is not good, including logical errors that cause the system not to run properly. Another factor that is sometimes considered trivial is the validation of input from users, whereas users can freely enter anything into the system that can damage the system itself.” he said

Here are some tips that can be done in maintaining the security of your data

  1. Separating email addresses used for social media from emails intended for banking and other financial system purposes
  2. Change email and application passwords regularly
  3. Avoid entering certain media through untrustworthy links or links
  4. Get to know the application’s security features such as security systems such as two-factor authentication systems
  5. Be careful when using a VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  6. Avoid sharing important information on social media such as personal data or other sensitive information.