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Arrange Teble Manner & Personality Development help Undiknas Students Understanding More About Their Potential

DENPASAR – The National Education University (Undiknas) in order to improve and explore the potential of students to hold table Manner and Personality Development activities in July 2022 yesterday. The Undiknas Table Manner and Personality Development was held at Inna Sindhu Beach Sanur, which was attended by students who came from the Department of Management, Law, State Administration, Communication, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Information Technology with a total of 643 participants. The activity took place completely offline while continuing to apply health protocols. Present as a guest speaker at the Table Manner and Personality Development Dr. Ni Wayan Widhiasthini, S. Sos., M.Sc. as Vice Rector for Academic Development Undiknas. (4/7/2022)

Figure 1: Dr. Ni Wayan Widhiastini, S. Sos., M.Sc. Together with representatives from Inna Sindhu Beach in presenting table manner and Personality Development material

The initial session of the event began with a brief delivery of the Inna Sindhu Beach delivered by Inna Sindhu and the opening of the event by the Vice Rector for Academic Development Undiknas Dr. Ni Wayan Widhiastini, S. Sos., M.Sc. Followed by the presentation of material regarding the development of self -potential for students present. The activity continued with material about the type, how to use cutlery and ethics at the dining table delivered by Inna Sindhu Beach I Gede Sukesna. In the final session the participants get direct practice procedures for eating in official banquet activities. The interesting thing was witnessed by participants in the last session of the Table Manner event the participants received entertainment in the form of juggling attractions which were attraction techniques in mixing drinks from the hotel. During the activity the participants were also accompanied by the committee team from the Undiknas Academic Team.

Figure 2: Paractic sessions Procedures for eating at an official banquet event

Through the provision of the provision of table manner and personality development, it is hoped that all training participants can find out the procedures in official banquet activities and know their own potential, as a means to build identity, interests and talents to be achieved, and future ideals . Personality Development or Personality Development is also one of the important requirements for college students in entering the world of work. Having a superior, creative, and responsive personality is important to be trained to be able to compete in the world of work and in society. Students as an individual are expected to be able to show their uniqueness and potential so that they can distinguish themselves from others. The Table Manner and Personality Development activities this time went well and smoothly and were full of enthusiasm from students following during the activity.

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