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Denpasar – Entrepreneurship activities are now increasingly being watched by young people, the dream of being a successful businessman/entrepreneur is often the goal and aspiration of a millennial child. Unlike the case in the 90s, where being a servant of the state seemed to be an absolute goal that became a measure of one’s success. This paradigm shift certainly has a major influence from the rapid development of information technology in the era of digitalization which is increasingly developing in almost all lines of life.

The National Education University (Undiknas) is one of the private universities that have a vision and mission to produce talented young entrepreneurs (talented entrepreneurs) through the use of information technology. In line with the Undiknas tagline, Techno Research-preneur University, Undiknas has the perspective that technology that continues to develop today is the key to the development of all aspects of the Tridharma of Higher Education, including the development of entrepreneurial activities in increasing the scale or capacity of existing businesses.

Figure 1: Gung Surya with the team in the BAIK Undiknas program

One of Undiknas’ programs in realizing this is through the holding of the BAIK program, which is an acronym for the Undiknas Student Entrepreneurship Internal Grant. Through this program, Undiknas provides financial assistance for young Undiknas entrepreneurs who have the potential to be able to develop their businesses. Undiknas students also invite their colleagues from other universities to collaborate and be creative in realizing their business ideas.

Met in the Lobby of Undiknas Building A, one of the winners of the 2022 BAIK Program grant, Anak Agung Bagus Surya Dharma Kumara, Student of Management Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Business Undiknas (1/6/2022). Gung Surya, as he is familiarly called, is currently in his 4th semester with 4 colleagues having a very interesting business idea related to music entrepreneurship. Starting from his interest in the world of music, Gung Surya is a musician who often appears in music events in cafes, restaurants, and several campus events.

Gung Surya sees an opportunity in the music world, especially in the management of human resources. He collaborated with four colleagues to create an application-based system that can be a bridge between an artist or talent and event or venue owners who need their services. Choosing the name “ACCORD MUSIC PRODUCTION”, the business idea is to create a website-based application, which offers details about the ordering system for artists or talents who have joined the management. The way he presented his business idea got more attention from the reviewers. One of the reviewers said that the business idea offered by Gung Surya had a large enough opportunity, especially in the post-pandemic situation. Through the 2022 Undiknas BAIK Program, Gung Surya and his team received funding of Rp. 17,000,000.00 (Seventeen Million Rupiah) as initial capital in developing its business.

Figure 2: Stages of the Undiknas BAIK Bootcamp program

Gung Surya in the interview session, explained that the funds would be used as operational funds to develop a website as the main medium for business development. Together with his team, he is optimistic about what he has built at this time and hopes that what he currently wants to achieve can have a good impact and can solve problems that exist in the community. In the future, Gung Surya and his colleagues hope that Undiknas will be more advanced and can always pay attention to and facilitate the interests and talents of its students.

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