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Racing n Reward and Punishment: Undiknas Strengthens Digitalization in Line of Work

Denpasar – Located in front of Building A of the National Education University (Undiknas), Undiknas Rector, Professor Nyoman Sri Subawa gathered the entire Undiknas academic community to launch the latest attendance system to support work effectiveness in each unit within Undiknas. In an effort to support achievements in the year of digitization in 2022, the management of Undiknas seeks to integrate all policies into the digital system.

Some time ago, Undiknas launched the U-SAID (Undiknas Smart Access ID) Card, now the U-SAID work system has been refined by a team of programmers from the Undiknas Information System Development (INTENS) Unit. In addition to functioning as an identifier for the Undiknas Academic Community, U-SAID also records the effectiveness of each individual’s performance through a recorded attendance history from U-SAID. Punishment and Rewards are also applied to appreciate the performance of the management and employees within Undiknas.

Figure 1: Rector Undiknas accompanied by representatives of the Undiknas programmer team.

The implementation of this new system aims to modernize the existing system and provide convenience in measuring the working performance of employees and management through attendance history. In the future, the system will continue to be developed to be able to support administrative activities in all Undiknas work lines. In the near future, U-SAID can become an access key to enter rooms in Undiknas. Thus, the security and privacy of a room will be guaranteed.

Figure 2: The ranks of staff and lecturers in the launching of the U-SAID system

The Undiknas Chancellor hopes that with this system, he can map in more detail the effectiveness and efficiency of the performance of each individual and unit within the Undiknas environment. The outputs and outcomes of the policy digitization system and work system within Undiknas will certainly contribute to advancing Undiknas as a Techno-Researchpreneur University.