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EFW Peak Night 9.0: Undiknas Rector Takes Over Drum Band In ‘Tulus’ Concert

Sanur – National Education University (Undiknas) through a series of events Economy Fun Week (EFW) 9.0, which was held from 9 to 13 May 2022, held a music concert performance that attracted the attention of the Balinese people on 21 May 2022. Music Concert Activities invited two well-known musicians from the country, as the closing of the entire series of EFW 9.0 activities. Located at Mertasari Beach, Sanur – Denpasar, EFW 9.0 successfully presented TULUS and Hivi! to entertain the thousands of spectators who have filled the field near Mertasari Beach since the sun was still hot until the sky was dotted with stars at night.

Flashback before finally arriving on the peak night of EFW 9.0, the series of activities for the Road to Night Peak EFW 9.0 was filled with various competitions and seminars involving the entire Undiknas Academic Community and also people from outside Undiknas. Activities that have been successfully realized include the Undiknas Business Model Canvas Competition (UBMCC), Digital Poster Competition, Speech Contest, Short Movie Competition, International Seminar, Accounting Seminar, Synergy (NARASI), and Integrated Management Insights Seminar (SATWAM).

Figure 1. Hivi! while entertaining music lovers on stage.

Before the host invites Hivi! on stage, the host and the committee invited the Rector of Undiknas along with the Undiknas management who were present to appear on stage. On this happy occasion, the Chancellor of Undiknas was invited to give a few words to greet all the audience present. Not only greeting the audience through a brief presentation, Professor Shribawa, as the Undiknas Rector is familiarly called, also greeted the audience through a drum band game that was able to invite boisterous audiences through thousands of applause given.

Hivi! is a band from Indonesia and has a Pop genre, this group released their first album with the title “Say Hi” in 2009. Some of their flagship songs such as “Indahnya Dirimu” and “Mata ke Hati” were able to invite cheers from the audience. Thousands of spectators were very united in waving their hands while singing together Hivi’s hits!


The day was getting late, but that didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the audience to be faithful in waiting for their idol to appear on stage. The lights began to be extinguished and the lamp that read ‘TULUS’ for a moment invited the screams of thousands of spectators while welcoming TULUS on stage. TULUS is an Indonesian singer who has had a career since 2011. His work in the world of Indonesian music has made various achievements in the field of music. Until now, the albums “Tulus”, “Elephant”, “Monokrom”, and “Human” have become the albums that are most attached to the hearts and minds of loyal TULUS fans.

Figure 2. Portrait of the Undiknas Chancellor accompanied by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs together with TULUS.

The splendor of EFW 9.0 in 2022 was considered a success in ‘absorbing’ the attention of the wider community, an estimated 15,000 spectators filled all corners of the venue at Mertasari Beach, Sanur – Denpasar. The Chancellor of Undiknas and his management hope that EFW activities in the following years can take the good/positive things from EFW 9.0 and leave the bad/negative things from EFW 9.0. The series of EFW activities are also expected to hone the soft skills of all students who are members of the EFW 9.0 Committee. slot lapak pusat RTP harmonibet Rtp Live Rtp slot data sgp data hk keluaran hk