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Improving Student Confidence, Undiknas KMB Presents a Psychologist in a Talkshow

Denpasar – Insecure or insecurity according to Asta (2019) means that it is an act of emotion when we judge ourselves to be inferior to others. The insecurity that exists within us can also be related to ourselves, who do not have the ability to be able to contain emotions and also have difficulty in sharing emotions that are at a certain level.

Another consequence that will arise from this sense of insecurity is that a person can become afraid to interact with other people. This can be caused perhaps because of the perceived excess weight, different skin color, and other physical differences or any differences that cause a person to feel insecure so that they feel insecure from within themselves to interact.

Figure 1. Alexandra Arvia, S.Psi., M.Psi., Psychologist in delivering material at the Undiknas KMB event.

Responding to this, the Budis Student Family (KMB) of the National Education University (Undiknas) held a Talkshow with the theme; “Say No to Insecurity, Show Your Ability”, as a form of education for the younger generation in growing sensitivity within themselves through learning in developing personal abilities and learning to know their own character more deeply (22/4/22).

The event, which was held at one of the coffee shops in the Peguyangan area, “Sharing Space & Coffee”, took place with 109 participants (based on information obtained from the organizing committee through a short interview).

“Initially 150 people were estimated to take part, however, before the date of the activity, we only received confirmation from 109 people. However, we are very grateful for the number of participants who were able to take part in the talk show so that our activities can go according to plan,” said the Chair of the Talkshow Committee, Kelvin Cahya Utomo.

Figure 2. Participants of the KMB Talkshow “Say No to Insecurity, Show Your Ability”.

This talkshow presents a practitioner in the field of Psychology on behalf of Alexandra Arvia, S.Psi., M.Psi., a psychologist as a speaker or resource person. Mba Alexandra, as she is familiarly called, shared her knowledge, experience, and also tips for dealing with insecurity that arises in a person’s personality. In addition to the material delivery session from the resource persons, the Undiknas KMB also collaborated with the Undiknas Dodol Theater Student Activity Unit (UKM) as performers to present interludes of entertainment events to participants who were present.

The holding of the “Say No to Insecurity, Show Your Ability” Talkshow activity is also a gathering place for students who are members of the KMB with other student activity units in the Undiknas environment. In the future, KMB hopes to establish closer synergies between the student family community and other SMEs, of course, through the implementation of work programs across student organizations within Undiknas.

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