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Supporting Digitalization in Locations: Undiknas Gives Computer Assistance To SDN 3 Riang Gede Tabanan

Tabanan – Located at SDN. 3 Riang Gede, Tabanan Regency, there was a handover of computer unit assistance from the National Education University (Undiknas) to SDN 3 Riang Gede. The delivery of assistance from Undiknas was carried out by the Institute for Research and Community Service (LP2M) and a team from the Undiknas Information System Development System (INTENS) (12/04/2022).

The rapid development of information technology requires schools to also be digitally literate and able to apply it to administrative processes and teaching and learning. However, during the digital era, if we look at remote areas, it turns out that there are still many schools that lack supporting technology equipment, especially digital literacy education for teachers and education staff. This of course can hinder the development of technology-based science in the regions, which has an impact on the creation of knowledge and information gaps obtained by the people in the regions.

Undiknas through LP2M carries a mission to be able to continue to serve the community and participate together in developing and advancing the quality of education and increasing existing resources both in urban and rural areas. This activity of handing over computer unit assistance is also a form of Undiknas’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to several target communities in need.

Figure 1. Computer units were donated to SDN. 3 Riang Gede is being set by the INTENS Team.

Elementary school. 3 Riang Gede is a clear example where the need for electronic devices to support the learning process is still very minimal, knowing this Undiknas through LP2M has realized assistance in the form of two computer units to help SDN. 3 Riang Gede improves the quality of his education. In the future, assistance or education related to digital literacy is needed by teachers and education personnel so that school residents can have a good understanding of using technology devices and accessing digital data wisely.

Principal of SDN. 3 When found at the location, cheerful Gede was very happy with the assistance provided by Undiknas.

“I thank you profusely to Undiknas. I and my fellow teachers are also education staff at SDN. 3 Riang Gede will be greatly helped by the computer unit provided by Undiknas. I hope Undiknas will always be successful and victorious. Greetings to the Rector of Undiknas.” said the Principal of the SDN. 3 Joyful Gede, Ni Nyoman Seriati. S.Pd.

Figure 2. Undiknas team with SDN teachers. 3 Merry Big.

Ibu Seriati, said the Head of SDN. 3 Riang Gede, familiarly called, also added that the assistance that had been provided by Undiknas would later be used as a means of administering administration and learning for students. Hopefully, what has been received at SD N 3 Riang Gede can have a positive impact in the future.

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