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Technopreneurship Seminar: Undiknas Supports The Resurrection of A Sustainable Tourism Industry Based on Technology

Denpasar – The National Education University (Undiknas) again held an academic seminar with the theme “Technopreneurship in the Sustainable Tourism Industry” (8/4/2022). At this seminar, Undiknas presented resource persons who were qualified in their respective fields. This seminar activity was carried out in a hybrid manner with an estimated 150 participants offline at the Dwi Tunggal Auditorium and 250 online via the Zoom Meeting platform video conference.

Participants of the seminar are students from all study programs within Undiknas. The aim of this academic seminar is that the students who attend can add insight and can educate themselves about entrepreneurship in the tourism industry and the importance of using technology in realizing a sustainable tourism industry.

Figure 1. Participants participating in the Technopreneurship seminar in the Sustainable Tourism Industry.

In Indonesia today, especially in Bali, which is one of the regions whose economy is very dependent on tourism, it is hoped that with this seminar, students as the younger generation can understand the enormous opportunities of using technology in entrepreneurship, especially in the tourism industry. In addition, this seminar is hoped that it will increase awareness of the millennial generation in entrepreneurship, which of course will greatly assist the government in tackling unemployment problems that exist in a region.

The seminar was filled with an explanation of the first material from Mr. Pande Sutawan, S.Tr. Par., M.M., CHA., who is the Corporate General Manager of The Royal Pita Maha Group. He explained how important it is to use digital technology in increasing company awareness and revenue. Mr. Pande, as he is familiarly called, is a tourism actor who has for years navigated the ups and downs of Bali’s tourism conditions. Especially in the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic, he can manage business units under The Royal Pita Maha Group so that no employees are laid off. His work in the business world in the tourism sector should be an example for the millennial generation of Undiknas.

The second speaker is Mrs. Dr. Gine Das Prena, S.E., M.Sc., Ak., CA, CMA, CSRA, CAPM, CFMA, CPA (ASEAN), who is also a Lecturer and Researcher at Undiknas. He explained how to use the concept of technopreneurship, to make it easier for business actors to develop their businesses and minimize the risk of novice businessmen in running their businesses. Mrs. Gine is a lecturer with a scientific background in the accounting field, no wonder in her presentation, she talks more about digital finance management to support technopreneurship implemented by a company. Mrs. Gine also invited Undiknas students to learn the concept of technopreneurship holistically, including understanding digital finance.

Figure 2. Mr. Pande Sutawan, S.Tr. Par., MM., CHA. together with the Vice-Rector for Academic Development Undiknas.

Also attending the seminar, the Vice-Rector for Academic Development (VIRAL), who on that occasion gave the opening speech, was also attended by the Vice-Rector for Student Affairs and Alumni (SALUT) as well as several invitations from structural officials within Undiknas. The seminar activity, which was carried out in a hybrid manner, was still carried out by implementing a fairly strict Health protocol. The seminar activity was then closed with the presentation of certificates for resource persons and moderators as well as a group photo session. In the future, it is hoped that academic seminars like this can be held regularly to update students’ information and knowledge about Technopreneurship.

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