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Celebrating the Peak of the 53rd Undiknas Dies Natalis Month (BUDINATA): “Stay Creative and Stay Brave”

Denpasar – Located at the Dwi Tunggal Auditorium of Universitas Pendidikan Nasional (Undiknas), the peak of the 53rd Dies Natalis Month (BUDINATA) was held (17/02/2022). Of course, the moment of the peak celebration of BUDINATA has always been an event that has been eagerly awaited by the entire Undiknas Academic Community. This event was also enlivened by the presence of the Head of Yayasan Perkumpulan Pendidikan Nasional (Perdiknas) Denpasar, represented by Mr. Ketut Gede Sri Diwya Tuvoli Amaraja, S.T., M.Int.Bus., M.Inf.Tech. as Treasurer of Perdiknas, Prof. Dr. Ir. Nyoman Sri Subawa, S.T., S.Sos., M.M., IPM. as the Rector of Udiknas and his staff as well as the entire Undiknas Academic Community. In order to accommodate all invitees amidst the adaptation to the Covid-19 Pandemic situation, the 53rd BUDINATA Undiknas peak event was held in a hybrid manner through direct attendance at the Dwi Tunggal Auditorium and online through Zoom Meetings.

The event held in the afternoon opened with the Grand Launching of the Undiknas Praba Shankara Dance, a masterpiece of the Welcoming Dance by dancers from the Bandha Iswari Dance UKM (Student Club) and the musician from the Karawitan Taksu Abhinaya UKM (Student Club). The entire audience was successfully hypnotized by the radiance of the Balinese Taksu from the dance performances and the accompaniment of the musicians, which were very mesmerizing. The event was continued with the 53rd BUDINATA Activity Report by the General Chairperson of the Organizing Committee, Mr. Dr. I Made Wirya Darma, S.H., M.H. In his report, the 53rd Undiknas BUDINATA carried the theme “Digitalization for Humanity,” where the entire series of activities adhered to digitalization and its application. He also expressed his gratitude to the whole academic community who participated in enlivening this activity. A flashback video of the 53rd BUDINATA series was also played to remind us how ‘exciting’ the 53rd BUDINATA was.

Furthermore, the award ceremony was held for the winners of the 53rd  BUDINATA competition, video showing of the winners of the content creator competition, awards for outstanding students at the national level who have made Undiknas proud, recognition for exceptional lecturers in the field of Scientific Work Publication in 2021, granting funding for the 2022 Undiknas Internal Competitive Research Grants, and providing Stimulus Rewards for winners of the National Research and Community Service Funding Grant of Kemendikbud-Ristek (Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology) & LPDP (Endowment Fund for Education). The provision of stimulus rewards is a new policy in 2022 as a form of motivation for lecturers in participating in Research and Community Service Grants activities organized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology. This is also in line with Undiknas’s tagline, namely “Techno-Research-Preneur University,” hoping that Undiknas can produce quality and integrity lecturers. On the sidelines of the award ceremony, the audience was entertained by performances from the winners of Karaoke Pop and Dangdut competitions, enlivened by cheers from the audience who enjoyed the performance.

The peak of the 53rd Dies Natalis event has arrived; the remarks from the Rector of Undiknas marked the event’s culmination. In his remarks, the Rector conveyed the achievements of Undiknas for the 2021-2022 period and did not forget to thank and appreciate the INTENS Team for starting this year of digitization with the official launch of the Undiknas Smart Access ID Card (U-SAID) and making Undiknas a “Pioneer of Digital Campus” in Bali. The 53rd  Anniversary of Undiknas was marked by the cutting of tumpeng and tart cake, represented by the Rector and his staff, along with the representatives of Undiknas academic community, which was also warmly welcomed by the audience both offline and online. Towards the end of the event, the Treasurer of Perdiknas as the representative of Perdiknas Denpasar, gave a few words on the 53rd BUDINATA Peak Celebration from afternoon to evening. He said that numbers 5 and 3 are a combination of energy vibrations from creativity and courage, giving birth to the slogan “Stay Creative and Stay Brave.” This slogan hopes that this year Undiknas will be a year of joy in learning because being successful is a long journey; therefore, always reflect in the mirror to become an excellent university. With this, the 53rd  Undiknas Dies Natalis Month (BUDINATA) Peak event ended and closed with the drawing of the Door Prize from the sponsors of the 53rd BUDINATA celebration and finished with a friendly dinner.

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