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Young People Create Love, Pride, And Understanding Rupiah With Gen BI Universitas Pendidikan Nasional

Denpasar – Bank Indonesia through the New Generation of Indonesia (Gen BI) Universitas Pendidikan Nasional continues to contribute to empowering the community, on September 28, 2022 yesterday carried out a socialization activity for Gen BI Goes to School entitled “Young People Create Love, Be Proud, Understand Rupiah”. (28/9/2022)

The activity took place at SMP Dwijendra Denpasar, which was attended by students and teachers at SMP Dwijendra Denpasar with an estimated 90 participants. Also present were direct representatives from Bank Indonesia as material providers in the socialization activities. The series of activities that take place are part of the mission to educate the public regarding the 2022 Rupiah Currency which has been officially launched by the government.

Figure 1. Participants from SMP Dwijendra Denpasar who attended the Gen BI Goes To School Activity

Through the Gen BI Goes To School activity, it is hoped that it can provide education to the public regarding the new shape and appearance of the Rupiah currency and how to confirm the authenticity of the money to avoid cases of fraud due to a lack of understanding of the money in circulation. The activity took place with great enthusiasm from the participants, not only educating the Gen BI Goes To School activities but also filled with various kinds of games to entertain the participants.

Figure 2. Presentation of certificates and souvenirs to speakers in the Gen BI Goes To School Activity

Gen BI Universitas Pendidikan Nasional as the organizing committee would like to thank all ranks of SMP Dwijendra Denpasar for the opportunity that has been given to educating students. Hopefully, all the information provided in the Gen BI Goes To School socialization activity can provide benefits for all participants present. The socialization activity ended with the delivery of mementos to the speakers and a group photo session with all participants who attended the Gen BI Goes To School socialization activity.