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Dialogue of Undiknas Rector: Evaluation of Bali Travel, especially in the Economic Sector in 2021

Rector of the University of Pendidikan Nasional, Prof. Dr. Ir. Nyoman Sri Subawa, S.T., S.Sos.,M.M., IPM. had the opportunity to be an informant in an event called “Dialog Lintas Denpasar Pagi” at RRI Bali. The discussion of the event was about the Evaluation of Bali Travel, especially in the Economic Sector in 2021. It was an honor for the Universitas Pendidikan Nasional (UNDIKNAS) that there was an academician who could contribute to the discussion of the mentioned interesting topic.

In his dialogue, the Rector said that when we look at the 2021 pandemic, especially in the Bali area, it can be said that it is still in the low level. The decline in Bali’s economy due to the pandemic is due to Bali’s dependence on the tourism sector. The closure of entry access for tourists has caused the cessation of various types of businesses. Unemployment and poverty rates will increase in 2021. At the current conditions, we must not stand still and wait for the tourism sector to recover. The government and the community must be able to work together, for example by providing educational assistance to MSMEs in an integrated and comprehensive manner from upstream to downstream in optimizing income to attract people’s buying interest.

The involvement of Undiknas Business Incubators and Undiknas Entrepreneurship Students’ Organization (known as UKM Kewirausahaan UNDIKNAS) has a very big impact on the younger generation. Educational institutions, especially universities as knowledge development institutions, are expected to be able to make entrepreneurship one of the interesting discussions so that they can prepare their students not just to become job seekers but to become job creators. As for being able to produce a creative and innovative entrepreneur, it is necessary to start from the educational process by introducing, exploring, and developing entrepreneurial attitudes so that later college graduates can act professionally and think far ahead.

Furthermore, the Rector of the UNDIKNAS, Prof. Dr. Ir. Nyoman Sri Subawa, S.T.,S.Sos.,M.M also advised that we must move together, don’t blame the situation and don’t blame anyone because this is our common problem. Let’s support government regulations and community economic activities, especially the Balinese at national and international standards, so they can have a positive impact on the community not only for a moment but also provide benefits for long-term economic growth.