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APTISI Region VIII A Bali Joins Undiknas to Become a Coordinator in the “MOVEMENT MASKER JOINT” Activity

Some Private Universities that are members of the Indonesian Private Higher Education Association (APTISI) Region VIII A in Bali conducted educational activities to prevent the transmission of Covid-19 and distributing masks to several centers in Bali. Activities that have run since the beginning of July 2020 were welcomed by the society. They said that direct education from academics related to the prevention of Covid-19 transmission was needed to break the chain of the virus spreading. The people, who are not from the digital natives, are still very unfamiliar with efforts to prevent Covid-19 transmission.

On July 10th, 2020 was the chance of Undiknas University chosen by Region VIII A Bali to be the coordinator in the “Joint Mask Movement” activity. Undiknas together with STIMI Handayani, STMIK Bandung Bali, STIKI Indonesia, STF Mahaganesha, STD Bali and Akpar Denpasar, had the opportunity to educate traders and visitors to the Denpasar Sanglah Market. The hustle and bustle of the market welcomed the group from APTISI Bali at 06.00 WITA. Undiknas delegation, who was then led by Undiknas Rector, Dr. Nyoman Sri Subawa, M.M., gave a briefing session before jumping right into the middle of the market crowd. In approximately 2 hours, 350 masks were distributed to traders and visitors of Denpasar Sanglah Market. “Through this ‘Joint Mask Movement’ activity, it is hoped that it can help the Provincial Government of Bali in breaking the chain of Covid-19 transmission. Awareness of the importance of the use of masks and the application of other health procedures should be our common attention in the New Normal Era, during the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic “, said Dr. Nyoman Sri Subawa represented other PTS leaders. [ip & ka]

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