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Vision and Mission


Become excellent in education, teaching, research, and community service based on the Tri Hita Karana concept (a traditional philosophy for life on the island of Bali), as well as producing entrepreneurial graduates who are based on the results of research, science, technology, and prioritize the values ​​of Pancasila.


  1. Implementing high quality of education and learning processes, contribute to the development of science and technology, having entrepreneurial spirit, and being cautious to God almighty.
  2. Conducting research that contributes to the development of science, technology, and entrepreneurs.
  3. Establishing community service based on science and technology.
  4. Carry out various fields of cooperation with other parties, which are built with the spirit of togetherness and provide benefits for all parties.
  5. As a pioneer in performing Tri Hita Karana and Tri dharma Perguruan Tinggi (three pillars of education for University students) through creative creations, entrepreneurs, and Pancasila values.


  1. Providing opportunities for academic community in the development of science and skills to improve their competence, so the community master and develop science and technology, which is based on entrepreneur and research.
  2. Ensure the research plans and results that have a contribution to the development of science and technology and increase the spirit of entrepreneur.
  3. Performing community service based on research results, applying science and technology, capturing potential problems and providing solutions for the communities which are based on the Tri Hita Karana concept and able to improve community welfare.
  4. Generating an understanding of cooperation with various parties in efforts to develop science, technology, and entrepreneurship.
  5. Become a strategic partner of various parties on a national, regional, and global scale to realize the welfare and values ​​of Pancasila.
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