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Master of Public Administration Program

Master of Public Administration Program

Decree of Establishment: 1085/D/T/2007, Tertanggal 09 Mei 2007
Witness of Signing Decree of Establishment: Satryo Soemantri Brojonegoro
Month & Year of Commencement: Agustus 2007
Decree Number of Operational Permit: 1206/D/T/K-VIII/2012, on 31st of May 2012
Accreditation Rank (Score): A (Excellent)
Decree Number of National Accreditation Agency for Higher Education (BAN PT): 140/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/M/IV/2015, on 6th of April 2015
Head of the Program Dr. I Nyoman Subanda, Drs., M.Si.

Vision of Master of Public Administration Program

Continuing to be guided by the vision of Undiknas Postgraduate Program and Undiknas Postgraduate Strategic Plan, the following vision is made:

Developing Master of Public Administration Program into a high quality program that is ready to compete in the era of globalization based on Tri Hita Karana.

Mission of Master of Public Administration Program

Based on this vision and concerning on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges, Undiknas Master of Public Administration Program has mission that the graduates will have essential things as follows:

  1. Having a strong personality, independent, honest, and being assertive and responsible in implementing the concept of Tri Hita Karana (a traditional philosophy for life on the island of Bali) in implementing Tri dharma Perguruan Tinggi  (three pillars of higher education);
  2. Having extensive working knowledge and skills in the field of public administration both philosophically, theoretically, and practically;
  3. Having ability to plan, design, and evaluate public and development policies and be able to develop qualitative and quantitative research on public policy and development issues;
  4. Having sensitivity and concern for the dynamics of humanity and plurality of national life and able to provide solutions to various problems in society.

Objectives of Master of Public Administration Program

In order to carry out the mission, Master of Public Administration program sets several strategic objectives as follows:

  1. Having outputs, consisting of graduates, research, and publication of research results in journals whose quantity and quality are increasing;
  2. Produce graduates who have the ability to understand, analyze, and make professional decisions in the field of public policy and administration of local government;
  3. Having a certain quality of educational material and curriculum that is relevant to current development especially relevant to the needs of government administration and public administration in general;
  4. Producing graduates who have the ability to conduct research;
  5. Creating graduates who are caring, sensitive, and responsive to the social world as a manifestation of the soul of community service.

MILESTONE Master of Public Administration (Stages of Achieving Vision)

Master of Public Administration Program also has set milestones of achievement that will become a benchmark for the journey to become a superior master program in the future. These milestones will be the basis in determining the strategies that must be carried out to achieve its vision. As for the milestones that have been determined are as follows: 

  1. In 2018-2023, Master of Public Administration Program will start its steps to enter competition in the ASEAN level which is realized by registering with ASEAN-level international accreditation institutions and increasing cooperation with universities and international institutions at the ASEAN level.
  2. In 2023 – 2028, Master of Public Administration Program will begin strengthening the competitiveness of ASEAN. This is done so that the Master of Public Administration Program consistently will be able to move to the level of Asia. This step is realized by strengthening the quality of Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi through membership with international accreditation bodies and adopting governance in accordance with international standards, synergizing with PT partners or overseas agencies in the field of Tri Darma Higher Education and recruiting lecturers who have doctoral qualifications from Universities Reputable overseas height.
  3. Year 2028 – 2033 Master of Public Administration Program is ready to compete at the Asian level by strengthening the quality of the Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi through synergies with partner universities in Asian countries by not closing opportunities for synergy with universities in other regions (e.g. universities in Australia, America United States, and Europe). Intense mobility of students and lecturers at the Asian level through programs such as: joint research, joint publications, student exchanges, and enrichment programs.
  4. In 2033 – 2038 Master of Public Administration Program that has been able to compete in the Asian market will increase their competitiveness to the Asia-Pacific level. This is realized by strengthening the quality of the Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi through synergy with partner universities in Asia-Pacific countries. Improving the rank of Master of Public Administration Program in the list of internationally reputed rating agencies in the Asia-Pacific.
  5. In the year 2038 – 2043 Master of Public Administration Program is expected to be the best 1000 programs competing with universities in the Asia-Pacific region.

Targets and Strategies in Achieving the Master of Public Administration  

Medium-term goals to be achieved by Undiknas Master of Public Administration program are:

  1. Realization of graduates who are able to master conceptual and technical skills very well;
  2. Actualization of graduates who are able to become researchers in the context of the development of science and technology;
  3. Creating graduates who have high social concern for the community and the environment;
  4. Producing graduates who are able to carry out conceptual work in a professional manner, competence, and competitive advantage at the national & global level, and also are able to work under pressure due to their occupation;
  5. Produce graduates who can be accepted at leading universities to continue their studies at a higher level (doctoral degree);
  6. Increased ability of the academicians who are independent, has autonomy, and the ability to direct themselves (self-directed) in doing various academic activities;
  7. Collaboration with the public, private sector, and government in the context of implementing tertiary institutions;
  8. Collaboration in the field of education and research with similar educational institutions at the regional (CAFTA) and global level is implemented very well.

The strategies that have been implemented include: 

  1. Having relevant and advanced educational and curriculum materials in meeting the needs of academics, industry and professions;
  2. Running an efficient and effective educational process;
  3. Implementing Quality Assurance System which includes academic and non-academic aspects;
  4. Provide learning process facilities that use the latest information technology (up to date);
  5. Enhancing the knowledge and quality of lecturers through the organization and participation of national and / or international seminars, workshops and training;
  6. Improve students’ insights and qualities through training activities, seminars, public lectures and so on;
  7. Students who are accepted have a minimum Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score of 450 and a minimum score of 500 when graduating;
  8. Lecturers create their own textbooks using various sources (text books, internet, etc.);
  9. Providing maximum resources to support various collaborative programs that will be realized;
  10. Add and renew facilities and infrastructure, including software and hardware.

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Established at the beginning of the millennium, the Undiknas postgraduate program is now preparing for the level of ASEAN’s reputation.

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