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Undergraduate program

Faculty of Law and Social Sciences

Faculty of Law and Social Sciences

Law Studies Program, Communication Studies Program, and Public Administration Program

Have 3 Programs including:

  1. Law Studies Program

Law Studies Program, is the only campus that provides an Advocate Education and Training Program (known as PENLAT), which contains Legal Consultation, Business Law, Justice, and Lawyers.

Besides, the practicum given in the Law Laboratory is a pseudo judicial practicum, in which implementing the result of PENLAT program, including Criminal Justice, Civil Court, State Administrative Court, and Constitutional Court Proceedings.

  1. Communication Studies Program

Communication Studies Program is a program where mostly the graduates become National Artists, with high quality talent and knowledge gained since studying at Undiknas University.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this program succeeded in directly inviting several Consulates General and Ambassadors of European Countries who are members of the European VISEGRAD that provide knowledge about communication studies. This collaboration will be running continuously and done also with other countries.

There are 2 kinds of concentration available namely public Relations and Journalism. Being different from other campuses, Undiknas University provides the opportunity for all Communication students to jump into private radios and television to broaden their insights.


  1. Public Administration Program

Public Administration Program offers programs that are globalize. One of them establishing bilateral cooperation between Indonesia and the USA (United States of America). From the program, one of the students in Public Administration program successfully participating in the “INDONESIA USA 70TH YOUTH AMBASSADOR” activity in June 2019.

In addition, Public Administration Program also cooperates with Indonesian Association for Public Administration (IAPA), which consists of Academics and Practitioners in the field of Public Administration. They are active in conducting studies and research to create better governance based on issues raised that makes this program far more promising. The graduates of this Study program have been highly recognized in the real world situation. For instance, many of our students graduating from Undiknas and continue working at the Timor Leste Embassy.

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