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Students Enrollment of Academic Year 2020/2021

We do not only educate the students with good quality process but we also prepare them to become an entrepreneur who is ready to face industrial revolution 4.0 era.

Information about Students Enrollment Academic Year 2020/2021

Brief Information about Undiknas

Undiknas is one of the biggest and best campus around Bali, West of Nusa Tenggara, and East of Nusa Tenggara. It provides 9 study programs of Bachelor Degree and 3 study programs of Master Degree.

Undiknas was invented and built by two collabrative families. They were family of Bapak Drs. Ketut Sambreg, M.M., and Bapak Prof. Dr. I Gusti Ngurah Gorda, M.S.. During the destructive millennial era, Undiknas has never stopped to do innovation and transformation in becoming a right choice for more than 1.400 freshmen every year.  

Undiknas Admission

If you want to study at undiknas, you can do register online everywhere. It is only using Undiknas Mobile Application and you just simply do registration wherever and whenever.

Campus Facilities

We assure the lecturing session will be running meaningfully and comfortably as we always do introspection and provide up-to-date facilities to our students.

Academic Atmosphere

Comfortable academic atmosphere will influence everybody at Undiknas inclusing the students, lecturers, and employees to keep learning for reaching their dreams.


Undiknas has proven its great and tested qualification by having more than 41.980 alumni.

Undiknas Update :

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Launching “SSH” Smart Solution Hall Undiknas

In facing the challenges of 4.0 revolution industry, Undiknas University has improved the quality of learning through launching a newly high integrated facility namely “SSH” Smart Solution Hall.

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Undiknas Mobile
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Indonesia Pride

Undiknas Now

In the national education day, Undiknas University has launched QR Code for absence of the students who join the lecturing session.

As a smart campus, Undiknas has been continuously developing to become a campus of millennial and competing in nowadays 4.0 revolution of industry era.  

Lecture-Support Application

Undiknas has been ready to face 4.0 industrial revolution. Its readiness can be seen by launching an application namely Undiknas Mobile that can be accessed using Play Store for android user and App Store for IOS user.

Undiknas Now

Don’t worry! Now, Undiknas students do not need to go to the campus for filling the Form of Study Plan (known as KRS). Just feel free to fill the form by using online system. Do you want to know how to fill the online form? Let’s see the video,…


In collaboration with Ministry of Communication and Information, Undiknas held a creative workshop to inspire millennial generation to be brave in becoming a digital creative-preneurs.

This activity was air by National media (Trans TV & IDN Media) and local media and attended by representative of Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy, Bank Indonesia, and successful digital creative-preneurs students from all around Bali and Undiknas students. 

Undiknas opens a bachelor degree program with modern facilities.
Undiknas opens post graduate program or master degree for Doctorate and Professor.
As the decree published formally by Ministry of Higher Education, Undiknas has opened Professional Engineer Program.

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