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Stepping Stone To World Class University: Sarasehan Rektor Bersama Seluruh Civitas Akademika Undiknas

Denpasar – In order to appreciate the performance of the academic community, the Chancellor of the National Education University (Undiknas), Prof. Dr. Ir. Nyoman Sri Subawa, S.T., S.Sos., M.M., IPM. holding a Rector’s Meeting as a reflection of Undiknas’ achievements towards the end of 2022 as well as the performance of all individuals and units within Undiknas (31/8/2022). In its implementation, the workshop activities are filled with awarding and also motivation for all levels of Undiknas management for the achievements that have been achieved until August 2022 yesterday. Also attending the event were the Vice Chancellors, Institutional Leaders, and Unit Heads as well as the ranks of lecturers and employees within Undiknas.

Professor Shribawa, as the Rector of Undiknas is familiarly called, opened a series of workshops that took place at the Undiknas Dwi Tunggal Auditorium. The Rector said that what Undiknas has achieved so far is the result of collaboration and cooperation of the entire civitas in Undiknas in accordance with their main duties and functions without exception. The ranks of security guards, cleaning services, and gardeners have also contributed their respective roles in all lines of work within Undiknas. Without this good cooperation, Undiknas certainly would not be where it is now. Professor Shribawa also hopes that what Undiknas has achieved so far, can continue to be improved in the coming years.

Figure 1. Giving appreciation to Lecturers and Employees who have entered their retirement period.

The appreciation in the workshop began with a gift to Mr. Ketut Adi Wirawan, S.Kom for his achievements in obtaining the NITK (Education Personnel Identification Number) as a computer administrator. Followed by giving appreciation to employees who are disciplined in their presence, which is given to Mrs. Komang Ayu Devi Anggreni. Giving appreciation to the participants and winners of the Undiknas learning video-making competition, Appreciation to lecturers who will continue their doctoral studies, namely Mr. I Made Sindhu Yoga S.E., M.B.A. as well as appreciation to employees who have persistently participated in the English Course Program.

Figure 2. Tumpeng cutting session and birthday cake at the gathering

Not forgetting to give appreciation also to Undiknas lecturers and employees who have entered their retirement period, namely Drs I Nyoman Anggaradana, M.Sc., Drs I Ketut Nurcita M.M., and, Dr. Ida Bagus Giri Budiasa. This effort is carried out as a thank you for serving and contributing knowledge and hard work in producing superior and competitive student graduates. The Undiknas Rector accompanied by the entire Undiknas Vice Rector gave a certificate and also a gold ring containing the Undiknas logo as a memento of the service period that had been given to Undiknas. The workshop was also filled with the appointment of security guard supervisors in accordance with their qualification levels, the appointment and inauguration of new officials within Undiknas, and the submission of new study programs to the faculty. In this workshop, a birthday celebration was held for the ranks of employees and lecturers whose birthdays are in August, which is also a celebration for the birthday of Undiknas Rector Professor Shribawa.

The workshop was closed by giving event souvenirs to the entire academic community who attended this workshop without exception and also held a group photo session to capture the moment of the workshop as digital footprint documentation.

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