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Raising The Souls of Young Entrepreneurs Through Graphic Design Training And Video Editing With Undiknas And Ecu-Australia

Denpasar – In a world that is currently growing, the business sector is required to continue to provide its best performance in attracting potential customers. Companies today have many choices in how to do their marketing differently from the previous media which were only limited to print, television, and radio media which made the company’s marketing at that time-limited. Currently, online media has become a very big force for companies in conducting marketing campaigns, of course, this makes the competition between each company increasingly tight because it is easier for prospective targeted customers to access products from similar companies. Responding to this, companies are required to have a marketing strategy that can win the hearts of targeted customers.

One strategy that can be done is to produce quality marketing products in the form of video content, photos, and graphic designs that are following the desired target market. In response to this, the National Education University (Undiknas) implemented a Graphic Design and Video Editing Training Program which was open to the public. This activity is a synergy and realization of community service activities (P2M) between Undiknas and Edith Cowan University (ECU) Australia. This activity aims to be able to train business owners and personnel in producing visualizations of interesting content to market products by current market needs. During the adaptation situation in the new normal era, efforts to promote and revive businesses or businesses need to be carried out to maintain the quality and competitiveness between businesses or businesses that had suspended animation during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Figure 1. One of the mentors explained material about digital marketing.

This training activity took place from 14 to 20 May 2022 and was officially opened by the Vice-Rector for Partnership and Entrepreneurship Undiknas, Mr. Agus Fredy Maradona S.E., Ak., MSA, Ph.D., and was also attended by representatives from ECU-Australia, Associate Professor Hadrian G. Djajadikerta. The training was carried out intensively for approximately 20 days in the Undiknas Co-working Space. The activities were packed with theoretical and practical sessions on matters related to graphic design, digital marketing, and video editing.

The mentors presented are Lecturers and Experts from Undiknas who have sufficient experience in their respective fields. Some of the materials that have been obtained by the participants include material on graphic design for beginners by Mr. Ketut Adi Wirawan S.Kom., and basic material on Filmora 9 by Mr. I Nyoman Sata Wiweka Nanda, S.Ikom., the material on digital marketing by Mrs. Ida Ayu Iswari Pidada, S.ST.Par., M.M., as well as other materials related to the practice of producing interesting content visualizations.

Figure 2. The trainees are practicing the use of the Filmora 9 Application.

One of the participants from this training activity was very happy and helped by the training activities held by Undiknas.

“I got a lot of things that I had never learned, video editing was the most interesting part for me. I got a lot of new knowledge about using video editing applications to attract the attention of targeted customers through visualizing the products that will be offered,” said Rama Maydhita, a trainee.

Through graphic design and video editing training activities carried out by Undiknas and ECU, it is hoped that the participants can develop their ability to produce quality marketing content to support and improve their business prospects. Furthermore, this activity is expected to help the revival of local businesses amidst the economic recovery in the new normal era.

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