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Madeleine Ayers: Putri Ekowisata Bali 2022 dari Undiknas

Denpasar – Madeleine, the owner of the full name Madeleine Dewi Ayers who is familiarly called Madeleine, has just been named the Bali Ecotourism Princess in 2022. Madeleine has an educational background as a student at the National Education University (Undiknas), taking the Law Studies Program, Faculty of Law and Social Sciences.

Madeleine’s interest in participating in Beauty Pageant events, one of which was the Selection of Men and Women for Ecotourism in Bali, started from her participation in the Undiknas Jegeg-Bagus selection event organized by the Undiknas Jegeg-Bagus UKM in 2021. After Madeleine was elected as Undiknas Jegeg in 2021, Madeleine continued her journey by participating in other beauty pageant events and his journey led him to the 2022 Ecotourism Boys and Girls Election.

“I learned a lot and improved myself with my confidence. I will try to bring the good name of Undiknas and Bali to elections at the national level,” said Madeleine in an interview shortly after she was named the 2022 Ecotourism Princess.

Madeleine thinks that “Many of these beautiful places are not well known and sometimes very rarely seen, so increasing public awareness of their existence will help the local community to generate income and also preserve the natural beauty of the location”. Through this event, Madeleine was moved to be able to help make this happen through her abilities.

Figure 1. Madeliene in the 2022 Bali Ecotourism Men’s and Women’s Competition

What Madeleine has achieved today is not something that she got overnight, a lot has been passed until she was chosen as the 2022 Bali Ecotourism Princess. In the interview session, Madeleine also revealed that “One of my main struggles in this journey is cultural and cultural differences. shows my understanding of Balinese Culture. I grew up in Bali since I was a baby, but I have spent many years abroad for my studies.” It was a challenge for Madeleine to adjust to two different cultures from what she usually understood.

According to him, in a contest, Putra-Putri or other beauty contests, the winner is not only about appearance or habits, but how our ability to be a representation of the institution that overshadows us.

“The way we convey a message about something and also prove it with concrete actions and how we can make a positive impact on society and the environment are also important points when participating in a beauty pageant. I am proud to be a representative of the National Education University (Undiknas), especially UKM Jegeg-Bagus Undiknas,” Madeleine added at the end of the interview session.

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