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Kartini Undiknas Speak-Up: The Figure Of Kartini and Gender Equality, A Hero to Remember

Denpasar – Every year, Indonesia always commemorates Kartini Day which falls on April 21. Kartini Day is commemorated as a form of respect for the figure of Ibu Kartini, who has fought for equal rights for women and men in the past. She is known as a pioneer of the emancipation of indigenous women at that time. On the commemoration of Kartini Day in 2022, Kartini at the National Education University (Undiknas), represented by the General Chairperson of Kartini Undiknas, who is also the Deputy Chancellor for Academic Development, was present as a resource person at an online national seminar, which was initiated by the Provincial General Elections Commission (KPU). Bali (21/04/2022). The seminar, which was held through the Zoom Meeting, discussed thoroughly women’s participation in the success of the 2024 election. This activity was also attended by the ranks of the Bali KPU and also academics with their respective expertise and fields.

Ibu Kartini is a pioneer figure for the equality of women in the archipelago who dedicates her intellect, ideas, and struggles to break down the injustices faced. As a thinker and activator of women’s emancipation, Kartini became a source of inspiration for the struggle of women who crave freedom and equality of social status with her success in writing down her thoughts in a traced and detailed manner. The figure of Ibu Kartini is also very closely related to current gender issues. The figure of Kartini is also very close to the world of education and has always been a role model in Undiknas millennial Kartini education.

Figure 1. Dr. Ni Wayan Widhiasthini S.Sos., M.Sc., a representative of Kartini Undiknas had the opportunity to talk about Kartini’s figure and gender equality in the public sphere.

In the discussion, Mrs. Dr. Ni Wayan Widhiasthini S.Sos., M.Sc. describes a study from the academic side of what is the ideal character for a female leader. Dr. Widhiasthini argues, “Women must be able to determine priorities. Women have a role that can be said to be multi-role, when we prioritize our work and when we have to complete the task as women’s nature at home. As a female leader, she is also expected to carry out her duties with full responsibility without leaving her obligations. Flexibility is an important key in dealing with fluctuating situations in the world of work and daily activities at home. Moreover, in the millennial era, where generational boundaries do not seem to be felt between each segment, which makes today’s women have very visible equality compared to their predecessors.” said Dr. Widhiasthini in one of the material delivery sessions.

Figure 2. Dr. Ni Wayan Widhiasthini S.Sos., M.Sc. in an online seminar by KPU Bali.

The General Chairperson of Kartini Undiknas hopes that, in every commemoration of Kartini Day, the role of women in all aspects can be increasingly recognized without having to feel discriminated against by the old stigma that has been attached. Thus, women can become leaders for themselves and can step up more courageously and independently.

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