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Three Undiknas Students Successfully Get Letter of Registration of Creation Through MBKM Research

Through the independent campus policy launched by the Minister of Education and Culture, Nadiem Makarim aims to encourage students to master various sciences to prepare them to enter the work field. Through this policy, Kampus Merdeka (Independent Campus) program provides opportunities for students to choose the courses they will take. Students are given the opportunity to take courses outside the study program at the same university; take courses in the same study program at different universities; take courses in different courses at different universities; and/or learning outside the university. The form of learning activities in accordance with Permendikbud No 3 of 2020 Article 15 paragraph 1 can be carried out within the Study Program and outside the Study Program including: student exchanges, internships/work practices, teaching assistance in education units, research/research, humanitarian projects, entrepreneurial activities , independent studies/projects, and building a thematic real work village/college.

Regarding to the  implementation in the MBKM or Merdeka Belajar – Kampus Merdeka (Independent Lerning – Independent Campus) program at Universitas Pendidikan Nasional (Undiknas University), three students consisting of Putu Astrid Harikaputri, Muhammad Rifqi, and I Nyoaman Windu Surya Sidantha from the Communication Studies study program, Faculty of Law and Social Sciences under the guidance of Putu Yunita Anggreswari,SIKom.,M.Med.Kom through the MBKM-Research program that has been carried out has succeeded in publishing a journal with the article title “Strategi Komunikasi Pembangunan Dalam Mempertahankan Eksistensi Pasar Seni Guwang di Masa Pandemi” (Development Communication Strategies in Maintaining the Existence of the Guwang Art Market in a Pandemic Period).

The pandemic period has not become a barrier for Undiknas students in their work, this was realized through the production of a public service advertisement video entitled “Cintai Produk Lokal” (Love Local Products). The use of developmental communication in changing roles by bringing about social change and this process is done by giving people awareness to achieve a higher quality of life, in this case communication acts to achieve these goals.

The public service advertisement video that has been created aims to invite people to love local products as an effort to support economic recovery during the pandemic. The socialization role involved is used to build an atmosphere so that planned changes can be made while maintaining the integrity of the social structure and the mass media can play a proactive role in helping development communications fulfill this primary role.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has made tourist visits to the Guwang Art market have decreased by up to 90% with the low number of visits causing traders to experience difficulties so that this video advertisement can help promote the Guwang Art Market in the hope of increasing the level of sales and tourist visits during the pandemic. while still implementing health protocols. This public service video has received a copyright registration letter in the context of protecting creations in the fields of science, art, and literature based on Law Number 28 of 2014 concerning Copyright on July 26, 2021.