Undiknas Business Incubator Vision
“Become a superior business incubator in science and technology-based business and entrepreneurship development”


Undiknas Business Incubator Mission
1. Organize professional technology-based start-up company incubations.
2. Accelerate the commercialization of inventions by the academic community at the Universitas Pendidikan Nasional.
3. Building an entrepreneurial culture at the National Education University.
4. Establish cooperation with all relevant stakeholders.


Undiknas Business Incubator Goals
1. Building and developing a business and entrepreneurship ecosystem at the Universitas Pendidikan Nasional.
2. Facilitating and providing assistance to tenants.
3. Building synergies with related institutions, stakeholders and entities.
4. Realizing the commercialization process of invention products in the form of cooperation with the industrial world and independently.

Structural Duties and Functions

Incubator Head

Designing Undiknas business incubator target semester planning Responsible for all technical and managerial activities of Undiknas Business Incubator management. Establish cooperation with external parties. Monitor and evaluate the performance of business incubators

Incubator Head

Carry out technical activities for managing the Undiknas Business Incubator:
Business development briefing Skills training Providing practitioners who are experts in their fields according to the needs of tenants Development of technology and production processes Business consulting Formation of business networks Tenant space and showroom facility services Facility access to exhibitions, funding, intellectual property rights,


Coordinate with the Incubator Manager regarding training Fostering and guiding tenants with the required skill training